Sierra Linda Mascot
Sierra Linda High School
Tolleson Union High School District

Social Studies Department

Look to the future for classes on the past. Sierra Linda High School currently offers several courses in social studies. Sophomores must take world history, and juniors must take US history. Seniors take one semester of government and one semester of economics. 

Social Studies Staff

John Baker
World History & Geography
Ext. 7209
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John Bambrick
Department Chair - US/AZ Government / AP Government
Ext. 7206
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Gregory Beder
US/AZ History & Geography / Psychology / AP Psychology
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Chase Boydston
AP World History/ World History & Geography
Ext. 7225
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Mark Fiore
Economics / US/AZ History & Geography
Ext. 7224
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Mark Kenkel
World History & Geography / US/AZ History & Geography
Ext: 7203
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Alfred Palange
US/AZ History / US/AZ Government / Geography
Ext. 7204
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Tim Shafer
Economics / AP MacroEconomics
Ext. 7208
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Joe Torres
World History & Geography / Sociology
Ext. 7207
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Makyla Ybarra
US/AZ History & Geography / AP US History
Ext. 7205
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