Sierra Linda Mascot
Sierra Linda High School
Tolleson Union High School District

English Department

Welcome to the English department! Our goals are to increase students' proficiency in reading and writing while fostering a love of language. We want our students to leave our classrooms with the ability to think critically, recognize reliable sources, and read between the lines to see the deeper meanings of texts.

Our students read a wide variety of literature and informational texts. We embed instruction on grammar and vocabulary to help our students become strong and eloquent writers. Our students produce different forms of writing from narratives to literary analyses to research papers.

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping our students develop their skills in language arts.

English Staff

Joshua Aguirre
Freshmen and Senior English
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Cyan Arietta
Freshman English, Advanced Freshman English
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Susanna Belanger
Junior English, A.P. Language & Composition
Ext. 207074
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Audrey Drewitz
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John Dunn
Junior English
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Carl Elsik
Sophomore and Senior English
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Kristina Erickson
Junior English, Advanced Sophomore English
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Karen Furkert
AP Literature & Composition, Freshmen English
Ext. 207070
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Alaina Owen
Senior English
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Jocelyn Pereyra
Senior English
Ext. 207104
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Slate Stout
Sophomore English, Creative Writing
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Sasha Summerville
Freshman English
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