Sierra Linda Mascot
Sierra Linda High School
Tolleson Union High School District

Science Department

Welcome to the Science Department. We encourage all students to take advantage of the high quality of education offered in our science classes. Science related jobs are booming in our fluttering economy, and a world of endless learning and job opportunities await our science students. We currently offer courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry, and geology.

Please feel free to contact our department chair, Christina Schmidt with any questions, suggestions, and comments.

Science Staff

Christopher Boeck
Biology / Anatomy / Pre-AP Biology
Ext. 207047
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Lindsay Buedel
ext. 207038
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Petra Chavez
Physics / Biology
ext. 207046
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Jacob Ciesielczyk
Anatomy / Advanced Anatomy
ext. 207047
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Deanna Fontes
Ext. 207043
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Nildamaris Guivas
ext. 207039
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Christina Schmidt-Gillaspie
Chemistry /
Science Department Chair
Ext. 207044
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Kaitlin Sovinski
Ext. 207042
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Tony Valev
Chemistry / Advanced Chemistry
ext. 207045
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Tonya Vanover
Anatomy / Biology
Ext. 207041
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